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Selecting the perfect hotel for your next vacation is about so much more than a place to sleep. The best hotels and resorts offer a variety of amenities, activities and dining options to ensure you have a relaxing stay.

We’re looking for the best hotels, best hotel amenities and best resorts across the United States. So, we invited a panel of hotel and travel experts to nominate their top picks and now we need your help selecting the 10 best in each category. Vote for your favorite once per day until polls close on Monday, August 16 at noon ET. Winners will be announced on Friday, August 27.

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Best All-Inclusive Resort

We’re not sure which is more appealing: being in a stunningly beautiful place, or not having to think about money once you arrive. The combo of the two is a winning recipe for a relaxing vacation. We asked a panel of travel experts to nominate their favorite all-inclusive resorts in the U.S., and we need you to help us pick the top 10.

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Best Budget-Friendly Hotel Brand

Lodging can easily become one of the biggest expenses when it comes to travel, but you shouldn’t have to blow through your budget or stay in a drab, personality-less room in order to save. These 20 hotel brands combine affordable rates, lots of amenities and frequent freebies to set the scene for a comfortable and wallet-friendly stay – whether for business or pleasure. Vote for your favorite budget-friendly hotel brand once per day.

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Best Destination Resort

Sometimes a hotel is simply a place to lay your head at night, and sometimes it’s a destination in its own right. Each of these 20 U.S. resorts, chosen by a panel of 10Best travel experts, is totally travel-worthy, complete with plush accommodations, world-class dining, relaxing spa treatments and a host of indoor and outdoor activities – a complete vacation in a single package.

In addition to our expert panel’s input, 10Best editors considered industry awards and guest reviews to determine our 20 nominees. Which destination resort gets your vote?

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Best Eco-Friendly Hotel

As Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” but these 20 U.S. hotels have gone above and beyond to promote environmental sustainability. Along the way, they’ve earned certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the U.S. Green Building Council or other industry awards in sustainability.

In choosing the 20 nominees for Best Eco-Friendly Hotel, 10Best editors considered the input of a panel of hotel experts, as well as industry awards, LEED certification level and guest reviews. Vote for your favorite.

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Best Family Resort

These 20 American resorts cater to families with a host of awesome amenities, including programming just for kids, childproofed rooms (with multiple bedrooms), gourmet dining with child-approved kids’ menus and access to essentials, like cribs and baby swings, while on the road.

Help us name America’s best family resort of 2021 by voting once per day until voting closes on Monday, August 16 at noon ET.

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Best Historic Hotel

In today’s travel landscape dotted with sparkling new resorts and ultra-modern skyscraper hotels, a bit of history is often welcome. Each of these classic lodgings, nominated for the title of Best Historic Hotel by a panel of hotel experts, has witnessed a great deal of history, and each has held true to its historic roots and unique sense of place.

Which historic hotel is your favorite?

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Best Hotel Bar

Pull up a stool, and look over our nominees for the Best Hotel Bar. These 20 bars win big for their ambiance, stellar mixologists, signature cocktails, food menus and happy hours, and at most of them, you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy them.

Do you have a favorite hotel bar?

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Best Hotel Pool

For many travelers, especially during these hot summer months, the quality of a pool can make or break a hotel stay. Book one of these 20 hotels, nominated as having the best hotel pools in the nation, and your stay is sure to be a memorable one. Vote for your favorite hotel pool once per day.

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Best Hotel Restaurant

Some of America’s best restaurants helmed by talented and often award-winning chefs can be found within hotels and resorts from coast to coast. We asked a panel of hotel and travel experts to nominate their favorite hotel restaurants, and now we need you to help crown a winner.

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Best Hotel Spa

More people than ever are looking to turn up the relaxation dial on their vacations. These 20 blissful hotel spas, nominated by a panel of hotel and wellness experts, offer exactly what you need to unwind and rejuvenate on your next vacation. Where is your preferred place to be pampered? Vote now.

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Best Luxury Hotel

Luxury travelers have more choices than ever before when it comes to accommodations. When you book a stay at one of these high-end hotels, you can expect impeccable service and extreme comfort. Vote for your favorite luxury hotel once per day.

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Best Pet Friendly Hotel

A true family vacation just isn’t complete without your four-legged friends, but finding pet-friendly accommodations isn’t always easy. 10Best teamed up with a panel of hotel and travel experts to nominate the 20 top pet-friendly hotels in the U.S., and now we need your help selecting the 10 best! Vote for your favorite.

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Best Romantic Hotel

The ambiance of a hotel can make or break a romantic getaway. From city centers to rural retreats, these 20 properties offer couples an intimate escape. Vote for the most romantic hotel once per day until voting ends on Monday, August 16.

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Best Waterfront Hotel

Whether by a lake or the sea, there’s something special about vacationing on the waterfront. Nominated by a panel of hotel and travel experts, each of these waterfront properties sets the scene for a memorable and relaxing vacation. Cast your vote for the best hotel on the water.

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Best Wellness Retreat

With a staggering rise in burnout, many are looking to work health and wellness into their vacations. Help us find the best health and wellness hotels and retreat centers by voting for your favorite from our pool of 20 nominees, chosen by a panel of travel experts.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on on Friday, August 27.

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